Swapping vans and dodging coronavirus

The original plan was to leave on April 1st.  That meant we had 2 weeks after Josh’s last swing at work to:

  •  Finish off our kitchen and bathroom renovations
  • Build a storage room into our garage
  • Pack the house
  • Move into our van
  • Find tenants and move them in

It was a little bit stressful to say the least. And then to top it off, the word Coronavirus was starting to be heard more and more.

Sitting in our old van watching Scott Morrisson slowly wind back some of the economy and shut down pubs, clubs and restaurants as the cases rose was pretty surreal, particularly because we now had tenants lined up for our house, so we had to go….somewhere?

So off we go 15 minutes down the road to the in-laws in the nick of time before lockdown!

So what do we decide to do? Relax? Spend time with Family? A little R&R? NOPE we decide we will sell our Mazda, Buy a Landcruiser, Sell Our Van and Prado and then find a new van before we leave!

But I tell you what, we are SO glad we did, the kids have so much more space and the best part is we have a door between the kids’ area and our area so that I can paint at night! Because you know….. Priorities!

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