Stop 3 – Another Thrilling Location

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Time to go!! Yeppoon and Kinka Kippa

First stop, Yeppoon.

The pressure was on to get there fairly quickly, as I had advertised for murals at the start of the year, thinking we would be leaving much sooner!

Thank goodness a few of them were still keen by the time we could actually get there even amidst all the Corona Crazy!!! The first one was a cute little Fish ‘n’ Chip shop at Kinka Beach called Kinka Kippa.

Now I tend to jump into things head first without actually thinking things through, so having done a couple of murals now I was a little overconfident and a lot underprepared. I greatly underestimated the time to sand, undercoat, add the characters and details, and then put anti- graffiti coating over the top.

When planning our trip Josh and I had agreed that we would mostly do free or low cost camps, however there were none nearby Kinka so we booked into the NMRA caravan park “Just while I do this quick mural” Welllllll…  Three nights turned into six nights turned into nine. The art of murals had a bit more to it than I had anticipated.  This was a new surface for me, with lots of windows and doors to make cutting in the undercoat and base colours a much bigger job than it first appeared.  And I’m not going to lie, there was definitely more than one tantrum on my part, I can be a bit of a brat. Once the base coat was on and I was able to get stuck into the details I was much more confident and was so proud of how it was coming along!

It really felt so amazing to stand back after it was completed and know that I created something so beautiful, I was really thankful that Kate and Adam the owners let me have free reign on the design and trusted me throughout the whole process.

During this time one of my lovely friends I had met in Moranbah years beforehand messaged me and told me she was starting up an online business/publicity page and that she would love for me to be her first article. Now if you know me, you will know that this is wayyy out of my comfort zone, getting my photo taken and talking about myself terrifies me! I reluctantly agreed, and thankfully Kate was as lovely and warm as I remembered and she put me at ease straight away.

The kids loved Yeppoon as well, staying at the NRMA park meant they had a jumping pillow, playground and pool on our doorstep and the beach was only a short walk to go looking for shells, crabs and sand dollars.

Before we left we were worried about the kids getting enough social time, but straight off the bat they had kids their own age to hang around with.  Asher even made friends with the owner of Kinka Kippa’s 4 year old, a cute little dude named Thomas, Asher was very proud to have his very own friend.

While we were in Yeppoon we also got the opportunity to catch up with some other friends from Moranbah, and their beautiful kids, it was so great to see that those friendships are still just as strong as they ever were!

Things we learnt in Yeppoon

  • When you are overwhelmed with a major task at hand, don’t overthink! Instead put your focus on what needs to be done next and take it step by step!
  • Rendered walls are MUCH harder to paint on than a smooth surface!
  • I will have many tantrums throughout the creative process
  • Have more faith in myself
  • Caravan parks are expensive but are so good for the kids to keep entertained and so bloody convenient!
  • Homeschooling is hard.
  • Josh is an amazing stay at home parent.
  • Never underestimate how many times a 7 year old can say “Jumping Pillow” in a day
  • You can not lose weight while spending every day at a take away shop
  • Kids do not ever run out of energy ever
  • Friends from Moranbah feel like home

Swapping vans and dodging coronavirus

The original plan was to leave on April 1st

That meant we had 2 weeks after Joshs last swing at work to

  •  Finish off our kitchen and bathroom renovations
  • Build a storage room into our garage
  • Pack the house
  • Move into our van
  • Find tenants and move them in!

It was a little bit stressful to say the least.

And then to top it off, the word Coronavirus was starting to be heard more and more.

Sitting in our old van watching the PM slowly wind back some of the economy and shut down pubs, clubs and restaurants as the cases rose was pretty surreal, Particularly because we now had tenants lined up for our house, so we had to go….somewhere?

So off we go 15 minutes down the road to the in-laws in the nick of time before lockdown!

So what do we decide to do? Relax? Spend time with Family? A little R&R? NOPE we decide we will sell our Mazda, Buy a Landcruiser, Sell Our Van and Prado and then find a new van before we leave!

But I tell you what, we are SO glad we did, the kids have so much more space and the best part is we have a door between the kids’ area and our area so that I can paint at night! Because you know….. Priorities!


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