Stop 4 – I Think We’re Lost

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Swapping vans and dodging coronavirus

The original plan was to leave on April 1st

That meant we had 2 weeks after Joshs last swing at work to

  •  Finish off our kitchen and bathroom renovations
  • Build a storage room into our garage
  • Pack the house
  • Move into our van
  • Find tenants and move them in!

It was a little bit stressful to say the least.

And then to top it off, the word Coronavirus was starting to be heard more and more.

Sitting in our old van watching the PM slowly wind back some of the economy and shut down pubs, clubs and restaurants as the cases rose was pretty surreal, Particularly because we now had tenants lined up for our house, so we had to go….somewhere?

So off we go 15 minutes down the road to the in-laws in the nick of time before lockdown!

So what do we decide to do? Relax? Spend time with Family? A little R&R? NOPE we decide we will sell our Mazda, Buy a Landcruiser, Sell Our Van and Prado and then find a new van before we leave!

But I tell you what, we are SO glad we did, the kids have so much more space and the best part is we have a door between the kids’ area and our area so that I can paint at night! Because you know….. Priorities!

What do you mean, live in a caravan?

Mackenzie Falls 2018

If you had of told me a few years ago that I would be living my life in a caravan travelling around painting murals with my husband and 3 sons I would have laughed!

In theory this lifestyle is something my personality type should not enjoy at all! Noise, Confined spaces, planning, new experiences and new people are all things that would generally make me uncomfortable.

And yet, somehow, it works!?

We did 4 months on the road in 2018 to transition our family to moving back to the Sunshine Coast from Moranbah. This is it below, we lived in it for 5 months all up and toured through Northern Territory, Western New South Wales, Adelaide, Mount Gambier, The Grampians, The Great Ocean Road, then followed the south coast up to Sydney and back through the middle of NSW to settle on the Sunshine Coast.

Camping on the Finke River 2018
First day of school 2020

Moving back to the Sunshine Coast was meant to be our “End Goal’ Have you ever had an “end goal”? Something you look forward to, something you revolve your life around and strive toward? And then it happens and its incredibly anti climatic?

That’s what happened when we moved home! I don’t know if it was all the changes happening, Josh doing FIFO, or had we built it up so much in our minds in our 7 years in Moranbah that nothing was going to live up to the expectation, or maybe it was that we had just done a 4 month trip and that deep down that was what we wanted to be doing? Probably a mix of all!

So about 6 months after moving back the decision was made! 2020 would see us hit the road! But of course, things in our lives have a habit of not going to plan….. that and we always, ALWAYS leave everything to the last minute.


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