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Cape Tribulation & Cooktown

Going up to Cape Tribulation and Cooktown had a LOT of discussion around it for weeks leading up to it. Lauren well and truly had her heart set on going to both, but I wasn’t as convinced. I knew the road up to Cape Tribulation was average for towing a van as big and heavy […]

Junabel Farm Stay

Driving up the long dirt driveway of Junabel Farm stay we didn’t know what to expect, we knew that there were miniature animals, and that according to Wikicamps reviews, the hosts were lovely and involved the kids a lot. I was a bit hesitant as our kids aren’t the most relaxed children on earth, Lucah […]

Time to go!! Yeppoon and Kinka Kippa

First stop, Yeppoon. The pressure was on to get there fairly quickly, as I had advertised for murals at the start of the year, thinking we would be leaving much sooner! Thank goodness a few of them were still keen by the time we could actually get there even amidst all the Corona Crazy!!! The […]

Swapping vans and dodging coronavirus

The original plan was to leave on April 1st.  That meant we had 2 weeks after Josh’s last swing at work to:  Finish off our kitchen and bathroom renovations Build a storage room into our garage Pack the house Move into our van Find tenants and move them in It was a little bit stressful […]

What do you mean, live in a caravan?

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If you had of told me a few years ago that I would be living my life in a caravan travelling around painting murals with my husband and 3 sons I would have laughed! In theory this lifestyle is something my personality type should not enjoy at all! Noise, Confined spaces, planning, new experiences and […]

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