I’ve always enjoyed art.  My Dad draws and airbrush’s and encouraged my artistic side. In grade 8 my art teacher told me I’ll never be as good as I think I am and I should just give up.  My school books were always a great outlet for my creativity side, even if it was just graffiti words. Or trees, or faces.

I pursued a completely different career after school.  But when I had my third child in 2016, I sold my business as I lost the passion for it and just didn’t want to continue with it as well as three kids and my husband working a long roster.  We were living in Moranbah in Central Queensland at the time, and I went to an art workshop and realised this is what I’m meant to be doing.

I’m most inspired by energy and colour and can feel the flow in my paintings.  I was doing acrylic pour paintings, then adding more colour and flow to them.  One of my friends asked me if they could commission a painting of another friends dog for a gift.  And they wanted it with lots of colour!  It was my first pop art animal, and the animal paintings just grew and grew from there.

Once we moved back to the Sunshine Coast, I had months worth of commissions in front of me. But I felt myself being drawn to other aspects of art.  My sister runs an espresso bar which had a large board in its outdoor seating area which I asked her if I could paint a mural on.  After that I signed up and did a mural course with Sarah Sculley design.

I have also had the opportunity to do paintings for Yvie Jones, Erin Barnett and Bonnie Anderson.

My family will soon be setting off on a long lap around Australia for the next year.  My blog will be updated with all my artistic adventures as we get around.




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